Bergkvist-Växjö started in 1992. The owner is Bergkvist-Insjön.

Bergkvist-Växjö export sawn- and planed timber to European and Asia markets. The total turnover is approx. 100 000 m³ per year. We have very good long-term relationships with the sawmills in Sweden and Finland. We use 5 planing mills to process the timber for our customers. All kind of dimensions and profiles can be produced according to the request of the customer. Some of our customers are DIY-stores which also require exact lengths, bundeling and EAN-marking.

Bergkvist-Växjö are certified according to PEFC and FSC®.

We are selling sawn Spruce and Pine as well as planed rejects to China. Together with Wendy Zhu, Gillian Liang and Lucy Ge at the office in Shanghai - Bergkvist-Växjö offers a full range service for our customers.

Contact information
Address: 21F, No. 167 Jiangning Road, Xin Cheng Mansion, (crossing West Beijing Road), Jingan District, Shanghai 200041, P.R of Chinai
地址:中国上海市静安区江宁路167号(近北京西路)新城大厦21楼 邮编:200041
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Wendy Zhu (朱文隽)  
直拨电话:+86 21 6217 1521 
移动电话:+86 186 2138 9911


Gillian Liang (梁晶晶)     
直拨电话:+86 21 6241 7650
移动电话: +86 185 0211 6993
Lucy Ge (葛晓露) 
直拨电话 +86 21 6241 7650
移动电话 +86 139 1740 1881